Construction, maintenance & rejuvenation of roadside batters

Road side batters can be viewed as two distinct segments, firstly the area directly adjoining the bitumen surface or concrete kerbing and secondly, the area from the drainage structure to the adjoining property line.

Total Earthworks soil procesing techniques provides infrastructure owners, managers and builders, with a cost effective way of constructing and maintaining road batters to a higher quality and with greater benefits than current practices provide.

Currently, graders are utilised to final trim and maintain roadside batters, however this practice has some significant downsides. Most graders are fitted with blades in excess of 4 meters in width. Accordingly, when maintaining the section of batter immediately adjoining the road surface, the machines blade must be drawn across the surface of the bitumen roadway or concrete kerbing. This can lead to the bitumen road surface being damaged, requiring expensive resurfacing work or, can result in the edge of the bitumen road or concrete kerbing being broken away.

In order to maintain the batter immediately adjoining the road surface, the routine application of additional fill is often required. The use of a grader to carry out this work often means that a significant portion of this fill has to be drawn by the grader across the bitumen road surface, requiring the subsequent cleaning of the road and again providing the possibility for damage to occur.

Total Earthworks use of a "power rake" soil processor, allows for the batter to be profiled in two meter widths. This means that no contact has to be made with the bitumen road surface or concrete kerbing, removing the risk of associated damage. Our soil profiler enables the simultaneous application of fill to the batter, including the crushing and inclusion of rock amendments and profiling to ensure that the batter matches the level, grade and camber of the adjoining road. Our soil profiler leaves the road batter perfectly prepared for final compaction. This enables the maintenance of roadside batters to be completed to a higher standard and at a comparable or reduced cost, in comparison to conventional practices.

Our soil profiler also enables the rapid construction or rehabilitation of extended batters, which are to be used for drainage, or subsequently grassed. Through utilisation of our soil profiler, we are able to simultaneously profile the batter, removing irregularities resulting from earthmoving or construction activities, to create a uniformly level and graded surface that is free of rock or debris and prepared ready for seeding, turfing or hydromulching. This provides our customers with a very cost effective means of rehabilitating road construction sites, leaving an aesthetically pleasing finish that promotes and maximises grass growth and ensures ease of future maintenance.

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logoFinal trim and seedbed preparation

pre profilingpost profiling

Before (Left) - A roadside batter which had previously been finished with a grader, note the hard, uneven and compacted surface which is prone to erosion.

After (Right) - Total Earthworks utilised our Power Rake to finish this batter, note the even and de-compacted surface, free from rock or erosion and which is suitable for the direct application of turf, seed or hydromulch.

post profiling 1trench backfilled

Roadside batters finished with Total Earthworks Power Rake, these sites were remediated to remove construction waste, fill service trenches, remove rock and leave the site clean and level for seeding.