T.E.E.S Consultancy Services -

Enhancing safety and ensuring continuity through managing risk

T.E.E.S Consulting are specialist disaster, emergency and risk management consultants focusing on a wide range of natural and technological hazard agents, from bush fire to acts of terrorism.

We focus on providing specialist advice and services pertaining to all facets of the incident management cycle, including planning, preparedness, response and recovery.

Our proprietors long and proven track record in the incident and disaster management sector, in addition to holding extensive tertiary and industry qualifications supplimented by over 20 years of pactical experience, means that we can provide our clients with innovative and field proven strategies and plans for incidents ranging from natural disasters, failures of technological infrastructure or acts of terrorism, to name but a few.

As specialist Disaster, Emergency and Risk Managers, we provide our clients with comprehensive services including:

In the modern age of growing litigation, more stringent work place health and safety obligations and the frenetic pace of business, companies can ill afford to ignore the potential dire consequences of a lack of preparedness or planning for the impact of a hazard agent. Our wide ranging experience in incident planning, response and management, means that we are uniquely placed to address the challenges and associated risks of modern society and the effects which they can have upon the community, individuals and business enterprises.

Client confidentiality considerations prevent the provision of further detail or case studies via this medium, however please view our proprietors Curriculum Vitae or contact us directly, to obtain further information as to how we can help you to prepare for and mitigate potential hazards, thus preventing disaster.