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Final trim & seedbed preparation

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Earthmoving & Excavation Services

Total Earthworks provides an extensive range of general and specialist earthmoving, excavation and landscaping services, to a diverse range of customers in South East Queensland, centred upon Samford, north of Brisbane.

Bobcat E50 and clampOur customer centred approach and use of innovative techniques and equipment, provides our customers with enhanced productivity, significantly improved finish quality and features and advantages that our competition just can't match. We also specialise in weekend work, so you can be present to get exactly the outcome you want. That's why the vast majority of our new customers are referrals from existing happy customers.

Our strategic selection of modern "best in class" productive machines means we move more earth, in less time, for less money, and are able to tackle harder ground and bigger projects effortlessly. Our specialist 5 tonne machines are charged-out at a comparable rate to other contrators using standard 3 tonne machines. In real terms, this equates to a 40% performance dividend for our customers, at a comparable cost to our competition.

Our use of specialist equipment, such as our Power Rake which turns eroded, rocky, debris infested and uneven ground into the perfect de-compacted, clean and aerated seedbed; and use of attachment mounted laser receivers for laser leveling, are just a couple of examples of how we can exceed your expectations. Our Power Rake is perfect for transforming your building site or current uneven and unappealing lawn into the perfect seedbed for a lawn to envy.

Takeuchi TL130 and harley rakeOur Power Rake allows us to process material in situ, stripping course contaminants such as timber, brick, rock, rubble, vegetation and building debris from the soil, whilst simultaneously leveling and grading the site. This can be achieved in as little as one pass (dependant upon ground conditions). This results in a prepared seedbed layer ready for the direct application of turf or seed. This technology is ideally suited to the rehabilitation of construction sites, remediation of erosion or landscaping applications, final trim following the use of heavy machinery or final site preparation for landscaping. What's more, our Power Rake leaves an erosion resistant surface, making it a highly cost effective and environmentally friendly way to clean, rehabilitate, level, grade and finish your site. To see the results that our power rake can achieve, please view the final trim and seedbed preparation page.

Some of the other services that we offer include:

* All general earthmoving and earthworks

* Specialist turf and seedbed preparation - utilizing our power rake, including de-thatching of existing lawns

* Site clean ups, levelling and site rehabilitation

* Construction and levelling (Laser) of shed pads, horse arena's, tank pads and general purpose areas ect

* Clearing (including selective clearing) of light vegetation (i.e. lantana & regrowth) and fire mitigation

* Rock raking and stick raking

* Construction of driveways, dams, walking tracks, fire breaks ect

* Trenching, footings, tank pads and drainage works

* Erosion repair and remediation, including installation of armor rock and cutting of swales

* Dam clean-outs

* Repair and rehabilitation of dirt roads, tracks, paths and fire breaks

DozerThis site has been compiled to provide you with in depth knowledge of our services and their associated advantages. To aid our customers in making an informed decision, concerning how they address their particular needs or job requirements, we have included extensive photographic evidence (as a picture speaks a thousand words) of the benefits of and results attained by engaging Total Earthworks to undertake your earthmoving and civil works needs.