Erosion control and rehabilitation

The management and mitigation of erosion is becoming ever more important for landowners and managers, from the perspective of legislative compliance, caring for our environment / waterways and ensuring sites / earthworks are finished and left in an aesthetically pleasing condition. Total Earthworks assists our clients to meet these challenges, through utilising specialist equipment and practices, to produce a finished surface which promotes and enhances grass germination and growth and is more erosion resistant than surfaces finished via conventional practices. Whilst it is not possible to erosion "proof" any disturbed ground, the soils upper surface can be "profiled" to reduce the chance of erosion.

We can utilise these techniques to 'final trim' new sites, incorporating the simultaneous provision of a seedbed layer, or to repair sites with existing erosion. Our soil profiler provides the following benefits, which aid in reducing the occurrence and severity of erosion.

  • Profiling of the site leaves a golf ball like dimpled finish - This golf ball like dimpled finish is two fold, both on the upper visible surface and on the lower transition between the hard under surface and the upper seedbed layer. This golf ball like finish significantly aids in clean soilreducing wind and water erosion. Through providing a dimpled upper layer, water is held in the depressions, allowing it to be absorbed into the soil. This significantly reduces the volume of water that will eventually become run-off and enhances seed germination. By reducing the amount of water that runs across the surface, you subsequently reduce erosion. Furthermore, should the amount of rainfall exceed the grounds absorption capacity, the dimpled finish slows and impedes the movement of water, significantly reducing its scaring potential. By slowing the flow of water, its turbidity is also reduced, allowing suspended soils to settle and be trapped by the surfaces depressions, as opposed to them finding their way into drains and waterways. A corresponding dimpled profile is also left on the harder under surface. This has the effect, after the application of water, of locking the upper and lower surfaces together to resist sheet erosion. For example, consider how two egg cartons lock together; this is effectively what happens between the upper seedbed layer and the lower sub layer.
  • Profiling increases absorption capacity - Through creating an aerated, de-compacted and open seed wet surfacebed layer, rain is able to be rapidly absorbed, allowing it to be used for seed germination and grass growth, as opposed to it being wasted through erosion causing run-off. Not only is the soils absorption capacity enhanced, but due to the very open and "fluffy" soil structure that is created within the seedbed layer, its water holding capacity and rate of absorption is also significantly increased. Our soil profiler also assists in fracturing the sub layer to create fissures, which allow even greater water penetration and absorption, again leading to reduced run-off.


  • Soil profiling greatly assists in grass germination and growth - Through the creation of a perfect seedbed layer, in combination with improved water retention capacity, seed germination and growth is significantly enhanced, by maximising the effectiveness of all available water and through providing an optimum growing medium. This helps to establish a thick and healthy vegetative cover, which is the best way of preventing erosion on a long-term basis.

Whilst it is never possible to provide 100% erosion resistance in disturbed soils, our soil profiling system provides our clients with a way of significantly reducing short term erosive potential, whilst also enhancing the establishment of long term vegetative cover. What is just as important however, is that this system can be utilised to 'final trim' a site, at a comparable or reduced cost to conventional practices, whilst also providing an enhanced aesthetic finish.

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The level of erosion to a certain extent is always dependant upon the level of rainfall or rate of water application. Whilst a profiled surface provides enhanced erosion resistance when compared to conventionally finished surfaces, a profiled surface will still erode once its absorption or water holding capacity is exceeded.