Final Trim and Seedbed Preparation

Total Earthworks are specialists in finishing your site, following construction or earthworks, leaving it prepared for the direct application of grass seed, turf or landscaping. Through utilising specialist equipment and practices, we are able to provide our clients with improved productivity and finish quality that our competitors simply cant match, giving you superior outcomes with reduced project costs.

site profile
Through utilising our power rake attachment, we are able to simultaneously grade, shape, level (including laser leveling via machine mounted laser receivers), screen and remove debris and rock, remove existing grass and vegetation and de-compact and aerate the soil, leaving a perfect seed bed of up to 5cm in depth, which is erosion resistant and ready for direct seeding or turfing. What's more, these outcomes can often be achieved in as little as one pass (dependant upon soil conditions).

The advantages our clients experience, include:

  • Removal of course materials - Our soil profiler screens and removes items such as rocks, roots, timber, building debris and other solid contaminants from the soil, leaving a clean top dressed layer. The screening of soils can significantly reduce or remove the need to import topsoil, reducing both associated costs and risks.
  • Level surface - Our soil profiler simultaneously grades, trims and rakes the site removing high spots and ridges, whilst filling low areas to give a uniform and consistent grade. We can also reshape landscapes and terrain to maximise aesthetic value, enhance drainage or capitalise upon usable space. This results in the aesthetic and usable value of your site being maximised, whilst simultaneously mitigating potential drainage and erosion issues.
  • Removal of existing vegetation - Our soil profiler can remove existing grass and roots from a site without removing or stripping valuable top soil, allowing for direct seeding and uniform grass cover.
  • De-compaction - Conventional final trim methods involve Before v afterthe use of graders or skid steer loaders fitted with a 4 in 1 bucket and smudge bar. These practices create a top layer with significantly varying rates of compaction. This can lead to poor seed germination rates, poor water penetration, varying rates of subsidence, poor vegetation cover and poor site aesthetics. Our process de-compacts and aerates the top soil layer whilst also creating small fissures within the sub layer, significantly enhancing uniform seed germination and growth rates, improved water penetration resulting in reduced run off and a more visually pleasing finish.
  • Integrated seedbed - A side effect of our work practices is the simultaneous provision of a perfectly prepared seedbed, suitable for the direct application of turf or seed. A seedbed layer of up to 5cm depth is formed as a by product of our soil profiler. This layer consists of clean, aerated, de-compacted and de-crumbled soil, which provides the perfect growing medium. This layer is also erosion resistant due to its dimpled surface which resists wind and water erosion, whilst also improving water penetration, thus reducing run off. This top layer is further stabilised through the profilers creation of a dimpled sub layer, which with the application of water, interlocks the top two layers thus anchoring the seedbed, reducing the potential for lateral shear.
  • Integration of amendments - Our soil profiler allows for the simultaneous incorporation of amendments to the soil such as gypsum, lime or topsoil.seedbed









In essence, we can provide you with a far superior outcome and at a comparable or reduced cost, when compared to conventional final trim and seed bed preparation practices.

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