Fire Break & Trail Construction

It is now more important than ever that landowners and managers take pro-active steps to mitigate potential losses to infrastructure, the natural environment and buildings, as a consequence of bush fires. Climate change is seeing a warming in temperatures with an associated drop in rainfall, this combination is leading to an intensified fire cycle, resulting in more frequent fires of greater intensity. When viewed in conjunction with the rapid urbanisation being experienced within the South East corner of Queensland, now more people, more homes and more infrastructure is at direct risk of damage or destruction by bush fire. This is evident in recent bushfires which have caused extensive damage to the suburbs of Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra.

Recent town planning trends have seen the inclusion of greater areas of nature reserves, bush based park land and wildlife corridors within developments. Whilst providing environmental benefits, such features have the potential to bring bush fires literally to the back door of urban Queensland.

Accordingly, to address these issues, landowners and managers must take responsibility for the protection of not only their own properties but also contribute to community safety and preparedness through the construction and maintenance of bush fire mitigation strategies and infrastructure.

Total Earthworks and Environmental Services are experts in the construction and maintenance of bush fire mitigation measures including fire breaks, fuel reduced zones, fire access trails and pedestrian / fire tracks. With our Consultancy Division specialising in Disaster and Emergency Management, we are uniquely placed to offer expert services and advice pertaining to the creation and management of bush fire mitigative measures.

Total Earthworks and Environmental Services utilisation of compact equipment facilitates the creation and management of low impact fire mitigation measures, providing effective protection to neighbouring infrastructure, whilst protecting and minimising harm to our environment. Through the utilisation of a soil profiler, we are able to leave the surface of the fire break level, free of vegetation and with a surface which provides greater resistance to water and wind erosion than traditional graded surfaces. The creation of such firebreaks also provides a multi use asset, doubling as walking, horse or bicycle paths.

The creation and maintenance of firebreaks means that land owners and managers meet to a substantial degree, their legal responsibility to prevent fires originating upon their property from affecting the wider community, whilst also protecting their assets such as houses, sheds and residences, from potential harm.

With the increasing frequency and intensity of bush fires within the modern urbanised environment, can you or your organisation afford not to contact Total Earthworks and Environmental Services today, regarding the cost effective construction and maintenance of bush fire mitigation measures.


The utilisation of specialist compact equipment allows Total Earthworks and Environmental Services to construct and maintain firebreaks and other mitigative structures, whilst minimising environmental impact and maximising aesthetic values.


Construction of a low impact firebreak through existing timber and along a fence line, to provide access and bush fire mitigation. Firebreak also doubles as a walking trail and trail bike circuit.