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Construction and Maintenance

In the modern age of growing litigation and climatic change, resulting in hotter and drier summers; it is now more important than ever that land owners and managers acknowledge the need for and implement bush fire mitigation measures, to both minimise the potential for fires to start upon or cross into land under their control or ownership and in the event of such fires, to provide protection to infrastructure, buildings and surrounding properties.

Total Earthworks and Environmental Services are experts in the design, construction and maintenance of bushfire mitigation measures, including fire breaks, fuel reduced / modified zones, fire access trails and pedestrian / fire tracks. With our Consultancy Division specialising in Disaster and Emergency Management, and with our proprietor holding tertiary qualifications in bush fire, disaster and emergency management, in addition to having in excess of 13 years of practical fire management and combat experience, we are uniquely placed to offer expert services and advice pertaining to the planning for, creation and management of bush fire mitigative measures.

Two primary considerations need to be met when managing firebreaks / trails and associated mitigative measures, namely maximising the effectiveness of the mitigative measure, whilst reducing associated environmental and structural damage resulting from erosion. Traditional firebreak management practices centre upon yearly grading of fire trails, which can result in accumulative erosion.

Accordingly, Total Earthworks and Environmental Services have identified and developed new firebreak management practices, which aid in minimising erosion, whilst providing an effective mitigative device.

Through the utilisation of hydraulic soil profiler technology to remove vegetative debris from fire trails, whilst grading and profiling the surface, we are able to leave the surface of the fire break level, free of vegetation and with a surface which provides greater resistance to water and wind erosion than traditional graded surfaces.

Not only can we provide our customers with specialist services for the maintenance and management of firebreaks but we also specialise in the low impact construction of firebreaks, access trails and walking paths. Through the utilisation of compact machinery, we are able to construct effective fire break and access trails, whilst minimising the impact upon the surrounding environment, leading to a win win outcome.

Accordingly, we can provide our clients with a multi-use trail which is aesthetically pleasing, whilst providing a pedestrian walking trail, bush fire mitigation and can be used for vehicle access or fire fighting operations.

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