Leveling and grading of sites -
Profiling of sites to simultaneously yield a level, debris free finish, with incorporated seedbed layer.

Building siteBuilding site

pre profilingPost profiling

Before (Left)- Construction sites as left by builders. Note the uneven surfaces, presence of regrowth / grass and hard packed surface.

After (Right)- One pass profiling by T.E.E.S resulted in a smooth even and level surface, which has been de-compacted and has a 1 - 2 inch thick seedbed prepared upon the surface

Gully pre profilinggully post profiling

Before (Left) - A wet gully has carried significant heavy equipment traffic during development work, resulting in an eroded, hard packed and uneven finish.

After (Right) - One pass profiling resulted in an even, de-compacted, debris free and erosion resistant finish suitable for direct seeding


pre profiledprofiled

Before (Left) - The site was finished by another contractor utilising conventional methods. Note the hard compacted and un-even finish.

After (Right) - One pass profiling resulted in a smooth, level finish, encompassing an integrated seed bed layer