Construction, repair & maintenance of blue metal, deco & crusher dust surfaces

Blue metal, crusher dust, deco and other mineral / rock based amendments are perfect for road, track and driveway construction, providing hard wearing and cohesive surfaces. However, surfaces constructed from such materials do have some inherent problems, namely:

Traditionally, these issues are rectified through grading. Grading involves scraping the top layer from the surface of the roadway to cut broken, uneven, degraded and contaminated material from the roadway for disposal. As materials such as blue metal, crusher dust and deco are added in a thin layer to the top of the roadway, such practices can result in the complete removal of the material from the road surface. Accordingly, new material must then be brought into the site and laid on the roadway, incurring significant extra cost.

Total Earthworks and Environmental Services however have developed a system that allows the removal of surface contaminants, whilst leveling and grading the road, without significantly reducing the thickness of the blue metal or road base layer. This reduces costs by removing or reducing the need to import additional material for top dressing.

Through profiling the surface, we are able to separate unwanted material for disposal, whilst rejuvenating the road surface. What's more, this can be completed in as little as one pass.

If you need to repair, rejuvenate or lay mineral earth or rock amendments to roads, tracks, walking trails or shed pads, such as blue metal or decomposed granite, Total Earthworks and Environmental Services can provide you with significantly improved results, at a lower cost than conventional practices.

Roadbase 1Roadbase 2

This road has previously been finished with blue metal, however the surface has become covered with clay and deco based materials from vehicles traveling over it and subsequently became infested with weeds and grass. Due to the thin layer of blue metal material originally applied, traditional grading practices could not be utilised without importing additional blue metal material to replace that which would be removed. Total Earthworks and Environmental Services employed our hydraulic profiler to strip and separate the contaminants, whilst simultaneously profiling and leveling the blue metal surface.

Result - the original blue metal surface is restored without the need for new blue metal material to be laid and the contaminants are removed.


Roadbase 3Roadbase 4

Blue metal has previously been applied to the shed area and associated road. This material has become covered with grass. Traditional grading would have resulted in the removal of a significant amount of blue metal material, in order to fully remove the vegetative contaminants.

Result - One pass with our hydraulic profiler stripped the grass and deposited top soil from the blue metal base restoring it to its original condition.