Construction & maintenance of mineral earth based roads, batters, driveways, tracks & trails

Total Earthworks can provide you with specialist road construction and maintenance services, designed to provide you with a superior quality finish at an economical price.

Our utilisation of a specialist soil profiler in the construction and maintenance of dirt, mineral earth and rock amendment roadways, provides you with a more uniform mixture of soil, rock and clays, leading to a smoother, harder, more erosion resistant surface. This means that your roadway will last longer, resisting water and traffic erosion, whilst maintaining a smooth and even surface.

Our soil profiler creates a golf ball like dimpled surface, which when wet, binds the top and sub layers together, preventing wind and water erosion and enhancing compaction. Furthermore, our soil profiler allows us to effectively rejuvenate road base and deco surfaces, removing deposited contaminants and weed / grass infestation, without removing the underlying hard core. This allows your road to be returned to its original condition, without the need to import new material to top dress the surface.

Whether you need to construct or maintain a dirt driveway, access road, farm track, fire break, walking trail, road batter or rejuvenate a blue metal or deco surface, we can provide you with specialist and innovative services which will provide you with a better quality finish at a very economical price.

For further information and to see what we can achieve for you, please take the time to view the following links:

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