Seedbed Preparation -

De-compaction, aeration & final trim of seedbeds

Before profiling 1post profiling 1

Before (Left) - The road edge in this development had been finished by another contractor, using conventional practices. Note the uneven finish, hard compacted surface and debris, including rock and timber left on the surface. Accordingly, in it's current state, the surface is prone to erosion, is not conducive to seed germination or grass growth and is visually unpleasing.

After (Right) - Total Earthworks utilised our soil profiler to final trim this site, including leveling, debris removal and seed bed preparation in one pass. Accordingly, the site is left clean, level, erosion resistant and with a perfect decompacted and aerated seed bed, leading to good seed germination and grass growth and an aesthetically pleasing finish


Pre and post profilingBefore - Note the hard packed clay surface resulting from another contractor using conventional final trim practices.

After - One pass with our soil profiler. Note the soft and de-compacted seedbed idea for direct seeding or turf application. Also note the improved drainage & water absorption capacity of the finish leading to less erosion and better grass growth.




Close up of the soil surface after profiling - Note the dimpled golf ball like finish which aids in reducing erosion. The surface also provides a perfect medium for broadcast seeding. The top seed bed layer is approximately 5cm deep, clean of contaminants and debris and of uniform compaction




Hard panProfiled

Before (Left) - Site prepared by another contractor using conventional grader and skid steer(smudge bar) techniques. Note the hard packed and uneven surface.

After (Right) - Site prepared by Total Earthworks with our soil profiler. Note the smooth and level surface with a top seedbed layer ready for seeding.



Before (Left) - Site after clearing of vegetation. Note the very uneven surface which still contains roots, debris and remnant vegetation.

After (Right) - Site after profiling by Total Earthworks. Note the clean, smooth, un-compacted surface and prepared seedbed.