Site Clearance and Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation of sites following construction, demolition, utilities or general earthworks can prove costly. Added toProfiled this is the need to leave a site in both an aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sound state. Conventional site clearance and rehabilitation practices can be time consuming and often provide results that are less than optimal.

Total Earthworks has identified a need to provide customers with new and innovative techniques, which provide increased productivity and superior finish quality.

Total Earthworks utilisation of a skid steer mounted soil profiler is ideally suited to the following applications:

Before - A rock strewn site after clearing

After - Total Earthworks cleaned the site with our power rake, removing all rock and vegitative debris, leaving a clean and profiled seed bed, ready for seading.

Total Earthworks utilisation of innovative equipment and practices means that in one pass, we can perform simultaneous functions including:

This has obvious benefits in terms of cost savings and productivity. However, these benefits are enhanced through our ability to remove coarse contaminants from the soil. Such benefits include:

These benefits mean that through enhanced productivity, we can provide our customers with a finish quality which is far superior to that attained via conventional methods and at a lower cost. The site is left at the conclusion of work level, clean and ready for seeding / turfing. Our processes ensure that the site is both more aesthetically pleasing and resistant to wind and water erosion than sites prepared by conventional means.

Whether it is cleaning up around a building site to prepare for the laying of turf, rehabilitating a demolition site or cleaning up / final trimming land which has been cleared, Total Earthworks & Environmental Services can provide you with a cost effective and superior solution to your site clearance and rehabilitation needs.

House beforeBuilding after

Before - A residential construction site as left by the builders. This site had been cleaned by another earthmoving contractor utilising conventional practices. Note the uneven, unlevel and compacted surface, remnant building debris / rock and grass

After - The same site after soil profiling (15 minutes) by T.E.E.S. Note the smooth decompacted and level surface, the removal of all rock, grass and course soil contaminants and the integrated seed bed layer, ready for the direct application of turf or seed.

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