Site clearance -

Removal of rocks, vegetation, building debris / rubble and contaminants from soil.

RockSite cleaned

Before (Left) - As left by another contractor utilising a tracked loader (4 in 1 bucket and smudge bar). Note the uneven finish and amount of course rock left on the surface.

After (Right) - Total Earthworks processed the site with our "power rake" soil profiler to simultaneously screen / remove surface rock and trim and level the site.

Rock pileclean soil

The above two photos show the transformation on the above site. The left photo shows a close up of the soil before profiling, where the right photo shows the soil after profiling by Total Earthworks.

Rock pilegrass pile

Waste pile of separated rocks at the conclusion of site preparation- Note the high concentration of rock verse low concentration of soil, leading to reduced disposal costs. Approximately 95% of soil is removed from the waste material, leading to reduced disposal costs. The same results are achieved when utilising our soil processor to clean remnant vegetation and grass from soil.

House pre profilingHouse post profiling

House pre profilingHouse post profiling

The above photos show the real world application of our soil processing technology. This technology is ideal for rehabilitation of construction sites to enable the establishment of grass, proper drainage and facilitate landscaping.