Vegetation Removal -

De-sodding, stripping of grass or turf, removal of root systems and timber from soil.

Fence lineBanck cleaned

Before (Left) - The client wanted to remove all grass from and profile the bank between the fence line and the road, without loosing any top soil.

After (Right) - Total Earthworks soil profiler lifts and separates grass and its roots from the soil. In this instance, only one pass was required to remove all vegetation, level and trim the site without the loss of topsoil.



Before (Left) - Site was heavily infested with Lantana, weeds and grass. The site had previously been used for cultivation, resulting in significant undulation

During (Right) - Site cleared of Lantana and other vegetation, a significant amount of vegetative debris was still present upon the surface as a by product of the clearing process

GrassSite cleaned

During (Left) - Profiling the site with Total Earthworks "power rake" soil profiler removed all of the remnant vegetative debris, allowing it to be pilled for disposal.

After (Right) - The site has been cleared, leveled, profiled and left with a seedbed prepared ready for seeding.